Specialities in the areal

Crawling with beasts
All Carpathians are crawling with beasts, but let's come back to Brasov areal - that areal contains a jewellry of mountains Piatra Craiului, unique in the world for their diversity of shapes...and I add BEASTS...there's the nord side with less sun & more steepy - here beasts are not so many, but there is the south sunny side with lots of young forests and lots of species: lynx, wild cats,jackals,wolves,bears,wild pigs, the most dangerous starting with the first to the lasts.The most dangerous areal, where a lot of tourists hang around, is the one in the map spotted with red; that is advertised as a perfect touristic spot!
Now, I heard a lot of foreign tourists saying "they love the wild beasts"...why don't you come here to see one 2m away as I did, then we'll see how much you love the hungry "pets"...! Diabolic cults of a prehistoric culture BC which are still kept today though more changed....BC men were brothers to wolves and bears, as well as with trees, today only what is convenient for the lazy twisted cult remains...the beasts, none except me cares for sports in difficult environment.


Now lets us count the facts when animals attacks humans, but those in internet are only 5%, most of them are classified.
american woman killed
bears attack on locals
jackals/hiena invasion
jackals invasion

hunter killed by a bear 6 dec 2017 he didnt have the right gun though

Good memory: safe reservation areals from Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria s.o. many western countries ...
Bad memory ~ the feeling in our forests is resembling: Condemned episode from SG Atlantis or even worse.