Specialities in the areal

Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary Lies 23 miles west of Brasov BUT... one can find them anywhere there is a forest. also on main roads..towards automn they show up anywhere in huge number...the only species endangered is the black goat, its number decreased from 300 to 3; I dare say they will be no longer next year. I also mention that there was no beast untill middle august when they start showing up in huge numbers. Since in Romania nobody gives a shit about laws ~ and that can be seen in the extinction of black goats, some flowers, trees s.o ~ I am sure that the beasts are kept somewhere then released for military purpose, in order to keep people away from some secrets!

back in 17 century

  • Old customs and habbits
    As a woman over 30 unmarried is better to keep a very law profile or be invisible....marriage is a must, even if you do not like the man, one must marry smb. no matter....guess prostitutes (those also are difficult to be found in Bv either) are having a better life because when they do not like the man, they change in one hour, neither anybody wants to marry them....see how deprived is the mentality around!
To tell you a story I heard in Prejmer fortress from the nice local guide overthere....back in 17 century, when a couple married - and she was definitively a virgin - & they do not get along in bed, they were not allowed to separate - they were forced to share a prison cell to eat with the same spoon untill they get back together.

Real dangers

..whole mountains were depleted of forests such as the water now carry the earth down endangering many houses .. this is only the beginning since common romanians do not care about environment...they are interested in scandals, cars, houses and a model-wife to fit a little pig-man, as most men are here, little and insignificant. The environment annihilation can be seen clearly and only a blind can have doubts..though even that one can feel!