Specialities in the areal

Crawling with beasts
All Carpathians are crawling with beasts, but let's come back to Brasov areal - that areal contains a jewellry of mountains Piatra Craiului, unique in the world for their diversity of shapes...and I add BEASTS...I must update this page with the news escapaded from some secret services...it's impossible now to walk on a asphalt road into the forest - each 100m there is a bear shit, not the same one..counting them you reach to the fact that brasov dep has at least 20 000 bears this year 2021

and today

  • Deaths are hidden
    But the real number of people killed by lynx is hidden. Actually, if you ask a fucking resque guy or a forest man, they will tell you that we do not have harmfull beats, that our wild cats and lynx are quite domestic and you can even touch them...you must be even more stupid to believe it! The areal spotted red in the map is an areal beloved by sport people, is the only clean air areal from Brasov county in summer time; still, the sportsmen dissapeared in time, many by fear, and many probably are already killed. There is no civilised place with a natural reservation, like in Denmark (Tisvalde) , Norway (Galdhoppigen) or Sweden (Gavle) where people can run or byke without endangering themselves.
I love sports, but I am telling you its impossible to do them now anywhere in brasov ...not for people like me without guns

what hides behind

Even if you are not inform about the exponentially and irreversible degrading of environment, I tell you 100% that the air is not going to last more then 1-2 years..right now the only breathable air is in the forests... also is only propaganda that forests are cut...yes , some were deleted, BUT NOT THOSE UPON STONE GROUND where caves and tunnels can be built under.....look at this pictures taken from rasnov towards poiana brasov and tell me if you see a blank spot without trees:

Why so? Because the ground is stone..so is the number of bears....actually, also from SS I found out that bears were injected with hormones to have more the normal 1-2 pets...and they do..they have even 5! nobody can go into the forests from the pic....its crawling with beasts....only some, with huge guns go there to their Bunkers....the Bunkers, if you reach one alive is disguised under water station, might even have the first room look like this, but the army, which provided me unaware this information, know exactly why they were build and WHY!
In a future very near meaning this year or the next, they expect hunger, revolts and in a maxim 5 years from now they expect no life on the surface....if anybody can reach their Bunkers, then are not safe! bears protects them.... when people will start getting crazy from hunger and heat will enter the forests ...but they will meet there an army of wild beasts....those buncars belongs also to foreigners, this is why the european ONG are paid to shout about wild life....who the fuck gives a shit if not for money?and second, their number is already tremendously high , I mean you might consider humans an extict species, not bears....If you are a journalist, I can take you to those locations, but I advise you, you need guns! I can show only one safer, the rest are very well guarded by all kind of beasts!